Serious Anxiety

She was having serious anxiety around planning her baby shower.

Would anyone come?

Does anybody care?

Is she doing too much trying to celebrate her 5th baby?

“Just get on with it!” she imagined invited guests saying in their minds.

But why did it matter and why did she care so much?

And why couldn’t she believe that people were genuinely excited for and caring for her?

Where did this skepticism come from?

It had been a long 7 years of fighting to prove her life was happy and a subsequent 5 years of working to just be happy by herself.

She felt like a prisoner being reintegrated into society.

How do you make the transition from encouraging yourself on your own, to allowing others in to do so alongside you?




Just keep going.

Be strong and of good courage.

God is faithful.

You know this to be true.

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